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Wedding FAQ

This page contains answers to questions we are commonly asked.

Q:  Why two wedding photographers?

A:   There are so many things happening during a wedding that it's quite the challenge to try and find and capture it all.  For example:  It provides multiple angles and more coverage.  When the bride and groom kiss for the first time, and they happen to be very anti-PDA,  the kiss may lasts for only a split second, having two photographers have a better chance of catching that moment.  As much as the wedding is for the bride and groom, they don't get to see their guests reactions with all the happenings of their day.

Q:  How much will it cost to do my wedding?

A:  We offer packages depending on how much coverage you expect of your wedding day.  A la carte items are also available in place or in addition to a package.

Q:  What are gallery credits?

A:  Boundless Captures offer  gallery credits in all our wedding packages which allow the customer to pick and choose among the line of products we offer in the gallery.   Products include prints, mounting, canvas gallery wraps, wall mounts, and more!  They are all available for purchase using your gallery credits.   Customer will have to  pay for the difference in price if total cost of items exceed your gallery credit amount.

Q:  How do I redeem my gallery credits?

A: Boundless Captures will provide you with a coupon code via e-mail with the purchase of a wedding package.   When checking out your shopping cart in the online gallery, simply enter the coupon code before paying for your orders, and your credit will take into effect.  Gallery Credits are available for one time use only and do not work like a gift card.

If you purchase $150 of items and use a $200 credit code, you will have used up all your credit.  There will not be a $50 balance on that credit code.   Using a used gallery credit code will result in an invalid coupon code.

Gallery Credits can be split into smaller amounts.  If you have a package with $300 credit and would like to spend $100 from your engagement session to display on your wedding, we can provide you with a $200 coupon code, and a $100 coupon code.  Unfortunately Coupon codes cannot be stacked.  Use of different coupons will have to be done by separate orders.

Q:  Can I print my own photos?

A:  It's the digital age and it has never been easier to share our favorite moments with our closest friends and family.  There is no way for us to keep you, our customer, from doing what you want with your photos.  We do provide digital copies to the customer for personal, non-commercial use.  We also provide you services to be able to share your photos among your friends and family.  Customers get a password-secured album.   We can also provide a slideshow you can post on your facebook profile and/or embed into a webpage and choose your favorite photos to show.

Since we get our business through word of mouth from you, it is important that every photo reflects the work we do. We color correct, crop and optimize photos for the printing service we use to provide you the best quality photos we can all be happy to share among our guests, friends, and family.   If a low quality print is distributed, this may reflect badly on us as ourselves and the bride and groom may not be very happy with a bad copy of their photos being circulated.

Q:  My friend has a DSLR and said they could do the job for much cheaper, could you beat their price?

A:  Short answer - if you find a photographer whose work you trust for the price you want, by all means, please get the best deal you can get!  Long answer, please read our blog post:


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